Nyalon Sprinkler set

Recommended Working Pressure :1.90-2.99 bar filtration rquierment :210 microns

Technical Data

Nozzle and Flow Rate vs. Pressure

  • Flow rate (Ih)       –  120 (MM)
  • Nozzle ID (mm)   –  22.5 (MM)
  • Pressure (bar)     –  12.5 (MM)

Posting And Adjustments

The following table shows the recommended number of SME unit per lateral. The higher the diameter of the lateral, the more SME units you can install on it.


It is better to operate the SME units daily, perferably early in the morning. At dawn,the surface of the panels is wet and covered with dew. Thus enabling the  SME units to clean the panels with less amount of water.

The optimal durtion of operation of the SME units varies from 50 to 60 seconds, depending on the severity of the surrounding conditions and the amount of dirt build up.


Using  a proper water source is crucial. water containing high concetrations of bicarbonate, calcium, magnesium and salts might create sediments in the long run.

Adequate water treatment recommended reducing hardness of water used.

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